Our roots are showing.

Welcome to Chez Madeleine — a full-service salon with a long, layered history that stands out far in front of the latest wave of hair and fashion.

British-born hair maven Madeleine Inscoe rejected an offer to work for the late Vidal Sasoon and moved to the states where she opened Chez Madeleine, and introduced European hairstyling to Virginia Beach.

John Crisman, Owner of Chez MadeleineYears later, Madeleine zeroed in on a young stylist with a unique edge. “Hairdressers everywhere raved about John’s work,” she says. “I literally had to chase him down to get him to work for me. What struck me is that nothing was ever too much trouble for John.”

Contemporary Chez Madeleine, owned and operated by John Chrisman since 2002, is all about choices. Our stylists believe in flexibility and free trade, meaning they own their work, not their clients. They embrace the practice of “client sharing,” encouraging clients to seek another stylist within the salon, if it makes life easier for them. Chez offers varied forms of creative expression and complementary energies, keeping in mind that the salon chi is created in John’s image. We think of Chez as “downtown upbeat.” Where zen meets zing.