“I was looking for that special hairstylist who could lead workshops and seminars to groom aspiring young models. John stood out in so many ways. He had a knack for making each girl look different, and when he said to them ‘here’s what I see when I look at you,’ he teased up their confidence and made them sparkle. That’s what I remember about John in those days. And that he was the first person to encourage me to celebrate my naturally curly hair!”
Terri Guter, Chesapeake, VA


“You know you’re in talented hands when people stop you in New York to compliment your hair color.”
Sherry P., Virginia Beach, Virginia


“Dima’s the whole package. He has the best personality and he really listens to what I want. And since he goes to NY like every other weekend and does everything to be at the cutting edge, I don’t have to travel to get hair extensions that they’re only offering in New York or California.”
Rebecca D. Virginia Beach, Virginia


“What really drew me to Nikki was her talent for listening. She remembers everything from every conversation we’ve ever had.”
Denel H. Virginia Beach, Virginia


“Tonnica makes you feel like you’re the only client in the world.”
Jackie M. Virginia Beach, Virginia


“I literally had to chase John down. All the other stylists in town were raving about his work. What really struck me is that nothing was too much trouble for him.”
Madeleine Inscoe, original owner of Chez Madeleine